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I joined

Doctor Pizza

in 2015 when

I moved back to

Ann Arbor.

I really enjoy playing

with this band.  I have

known Jim Stevenson (far

left), the synth/keyboards

player since 2009, when we met

at the University of Michigan, both

studying jazz improvisation.


The band focuses heavily on the use of

effect pedals, which is something I have

wanted to apply to the saxophone for a long

time.  With the help of bassist Steve Ponce, I have

put together a pedal board over the past few years

that is both functional and experimental.  I am still

learning to (and acquiring the capital to..) make the

cabling look beautiful and to fully maximize the space on

the board..!

On this page you will find pictures of the current setup I use, with

links to separate pages where I go in depth about each pedal and

how I have adapted it to work with the saxophone.  All of these pedals

(minus the preamp) are made specifically for guitars, with electronic inputs

in mind.  Since the signal I am sending is from a microphone and not a line in,

it is much harder to dial in certain pedals, especially if they respond based on

the attack of the instrument. 


Dr. Pizza is (from left to right): Jim Stevenson (synths/keys/effects)

Kevin McKinney (sax/effects) Elliott Rovinsky (drums) Steve Ponce (bass/effects)




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Glasper - Doctor Pizza
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