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The Chess Website

Dec 8 2104

I love playing chess and this is the website I always go to when I'm looking to brush up! check it out at

The Reed Geek

Nov 14 2014

My friend Mauro whom I met playing with the Reno Jazz Orchestra has this amazing new product for shaping reeds.  I don't go anywhere without it now! Check it out at 


Nov 13 2014

Peter Epstein brought this group to my attention when I was first getting into Balkan fusion.  In the summer of 2013 I was lucky enough to attend master classes by Jim Black and Chris Speed, the group's drummer and woodwind player, respectively.  Listen at

Damani Nkosi

Nov 12 2014

I was recently hipped to this guy by a bartender in Reno, NV.  Check it out at

University of Michigan

Nov 10 2014

Ed Sarath founded the program in creativity and consciousness at UofM over 25 years ago.  Learn more about the program I attended at

Peter Epstein

Nov 11 2014

I studied with Peter for two years in Reno, Nevada.  Peter is one of the best improvisors alive today!! Learn more about him at

The Enneagram

Nov 10 2014

Check out the site to find out more about this personality typing alternative to Myers-Briggs.  I have gained much from this! 

Ben Gerstein, trombone

Nov 17 2014

In addition to being an amazing improviser and thinker, this NY cat has an amazing website! So many links to intersting stuff! check it out at

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