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Original Compositions (entry 1)

I have decided to post a few of my original compositions from time to time with a small discussion on some aspect of the piece. For the first piece of the series, I decided to pull a piece I wrote many years ago in the style of a 'typical' jazz standard, whatever that may mean. Below is the original score. . .

N C Turkey-page-001.jpg

Looking back on this tune, there are many things I wouldn't do the same were I to revisit it. . .That being said, I think there are some good things happening in it. Personally, I don't really like the melody I wrote for the 'B' section. It is not quite as melodic as I would like. I think I did a nice job of cycling through a few different key centers without making any awkward leaps. The D diminished chord moving to the Ebmaj7 is questionable by my ear upon revisitation. . . what do you think?

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