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Jenna Balk, clarinetist
Jenna has been studying with me for just over 6 months.  Jenna has a wonderful tone on clarinet and a passion for music.  She recently conquered 'the break' which all clarinetists know as a barometer for early woodwind players. I am excited to see what a new year of practicing will bring for Jenna, as she has much potential. Congratulations!




Walter Groenig, pianist & clarinetist
Walter has been studying clarinet and piano with me for about a year and has already outgrown me on the clarinet! We still meet weekly for piano lessons, and Walter is improving greatly.  Walter came to me having the tendency to memorize every song he played without really getting into the written music he was supposed to be reading.  Now, Walter excels not only at reading music, but sight-reading and composing music as well.  Congrats, Walter!




Anna Chang, pianist
Anna has been studying with me for about 5 years now.  Anna was one of my first students when I moved back from Reno and I have taught her since 'Middle C', so to speak.   Anna has gone from a somewhat non-musical 2nd/3rd grader to a 7th grader about to participate in her first Solo & Ensemble Contest on both piano and viola.  Anna is a superior pianist with specific talents in sight reading and interpretation.  Congrats, Anna, you are the benchmark!



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